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Viewing Your Billing History
Viewing Your Billing History
This article describes how to view your billing history on your VideoRemix Account
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This feature allows you to view your account's billing history without the need to: 

  • Search the transactions platforms such as PayPal, Zaxaa, JVZoo and Deal Guardian

  • Search the email containing transaction or receipt information

  • Ask Customer Success for your billing and transactions history

Basically, you will be able to see all your VideoRemix billing history in one place. You can access your billing history from the Projects Dashboard or Editor.

Viewing your billing history from the Projects Dashboard

Click on your username or email address and then click My Settings 

Under My Account Settings page, scroll down to the Billing History section.

  • Note: When Rebill is set to No , it means that that particular transaction is a one time or first payment in the subscription

To view the Transaction details, click the Details button

Viewing your billing history from the Editor

Mouse hover on the hamburger icon and click Settings

Viewing your billing history keeps you informed about your VideoRemix billing or purchase transactions.

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