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ADVANCED - Element - "Personalized Image"
ADVANCED - Element - "Personalized Image"
This article will show you how to add a personalized image element into a video project.
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The Personalized Image Element allows you to embed an image in your video which will automatically get personalized with the viewer’s profile photo from Facebook or any other photo provided via URL.

There are few steps to follow in order to add personalized image into your video project.

  1. Add a personalized Image Element

  2. Resize and position

  3. Set properties

1. Add a Personalized Image element

Click on the Elements Tab and click the Personalized Image Element. This will automatically add the image element to the canvas (see image below). 


2. Resize and position

The Personalized Image Element automatically covers the entire canvas after selecting it, so you have to resize it by hovering the mouse at the diagonal edge and adjust according to the size of your choosing. 

You can also drag and place it anywhere you see fit on the video.

3. Set image properties

On the Personalized image property tab, you can adjust the element's properties to suit your needs.:

  1. The Start and End values determine when the image will be appear and disappear while the video is playing. The time values are relative to the whole project. (see image below)

  2. You can make the image clickable and redirect to a web page by adding a URL in the Link URL field (see image below).. . You can also add personalized information in the URL by clicking on the Personalize button below the field. Personalizing a URL is used for integrating VideoRemix with other marketing apps to ensure your funnels and automations work seamlessly. Quite often the viewer’s email address will be personalized as it’s a unique attribute that allows you to link VideoRemix with the other app.

  3. The Transition field lets you choose the animation to be used when the image appears. (see list of available transition effect )


Adding a personalized image allows you to display a unique and personal image of the viewer which improves the viewer's engagement.

You can add more elements to the video, add a video track or publish your project.

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