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ADVANCED - Upload Video From Vimeo
ADVANCED - Upload Video From Vimeo

This article covers how to import a video from Vimeo into your project

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When building a personalized video project, you will need to upload a native video that you want to personalize for your audience. Presently there are two ways to upload a video to the VideoRemix Editor. This article takes you through the steps of adding a video from Vimeo to your project, when building a personalized video.

You can search for a suitable video on Vimeo or click here to learn how to upload a video to Vimeo from your local computer. Please follow the below steps to import a Vimeo video into your personalized video project.

Step 1. Visit on your preferred Internet browser
Step 2. Search for your preferred video title/niche/keyword in the search bar

Step 3. Click on your preferred video from the search results
Step 4. From the video player page on Vimeo, copy the URL of the "now playing" video from your browsers' address bar.

Step 5. From the Editor click on "Media" and paste the copied URL into the text  box as shown below and click on "Get media" button to import the video from Vimeo 

That's it! you're done and your video is ready to be used in your project. Please checkout this article on working with the timeline to learn more on how to build a personalized video project.

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