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This article will will show how to publish a project in LinkedIn
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Personalized videos created with the SmartVideo editor can be shared to the LinkedIn audience. This is an add-on and a Link-ED subscription is needed to enable this feature. 

Below are the steps to take :

1.  Enable LinkedIn sharing on your project.

To share the project to LinkedIn you have to allow the integration first on the editor. To do this, Click on the Produce tab and then Settings, see below:

On the settings tab, go to Allow and place a tick mark on the box beside LinkedIn. 

2. Sharing through Social Campaign
You are now ready to share your project. On the Produce tab under Produce & Share, click the Social Campaign button. 

3. Selecting the social network (LinkedIn)

Once you've clicked Social Campaign, a dialog box will appear asking which social media website you'd like to share your project. For this article, choose LinkedIn by clicking the LinkedIn icon.

4. Share the video project
Once you've selected LinkedIn, follow the onscreen instructions and click the Next button at the lower corner of the dialog box.

Note: Leave the settings as it unless you prefer the video to auto-play. 

5. Log-in to your LinkedIn account.
You will also need to log-in to LinkedIN to be able to share the video project and for the personalization to work.

Once you've log-in, you will be redirected to the Social Campaign Share window, you should now be able to share the project by clicking the LinkedIn Share button at the right lower corner of the window.

Note: On this page you also have the option to change the Project Title, Project Description and change the Thumbnail of your project. 

Publishing your projects through LinkedIn is a great social network to focus on when aiming to establish yourself as a video marketing expert. Promoting your content on social channels is a great way to get your smart, well-researched content in front of new people, proving your expertise and growing your audience.

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