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In this tutorial you will learn how to use the Collaborate feature while working an a video project in the SmartVideo editor
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  1. Hover your mouse over your Username and then a drop down menu will appear.
    Click on the Collaborate  option.

2. To invite a friend to join you with the Collaborate feature, Copy the URL link.

Paste the URL Link over Instant Message or Email to your friend that you want to collaborate. Tell your friend to paste it on the address bar of their browser.

3. Click the Chat icon. Our software lets you and your friend chat with each other when collaborating with the same project.

4. Friends who join your Collaborate Session will appear here.

5. Click the avatar icon to show more options.

6. A random default name is chosen for you when you begin the Collaborate feature.

7. You can Update and Change your name to whatever you desire.

8. You can Change and Upload an Image from your computer to change your avatar.

9. Profile Color lets you pick a color that you want use in  Collaborate.

10. End TogetherJS lets you end the Collaboration with your friend.

11. That's it. You're done  learning how to use  Collaborate Feature.

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