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How to use the PersonalizedLink™ using Constant Contact
How to use the PersonalizedLink™ using Constant Contact
Learn how to embed your personalized video project in Constant Contact.
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  1. Once you are done with your video project on the editor, click Produce.

2. Click Email Campaign.

3. On the popup, click Next.

4. Click Please select your service provider

5. Select Constant Contact

6. Copy the PersonalizedLink

7.  Click Done to close the popup.

8. In your Constant Contact Page, Click Campaigns.

9. Click Create.

10. Click Email.

11. Search for the template by typing in a keyword.

12. We will use this template as an example.

13. Click preview icon.

14. Click Select template.

15. Click Visit our website button.

16. We can edit the text of this button.

17. Click Link.

18. Click Web Page.

19. Paste the Personalized Link here.

20. Click Insert.

21. You can also embed the personalized link in an image. Click the image.

22. Click Link.

23. Click Web Page.

24. Paste the PersonalizedLink on the Link URL.

25. Click Insert.

26. Click Check & Preview.

27. You can Preview, Send test, or check for errors.

28. Click Continue to proceed with the next steps of your campaign.

That's it. You're done adding a Personalized Link to your Constant Contact email campaign.

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