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ADVANCED - Change Color Of Lower Thirds
ADVANCED - Change Color Of Lower Thirds
In this tutorial, you will learn how to change the SVGs element color on your video project.
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  1. Click Elements > Lower Thirds & Combo Events.

Most combo elements come with SVG graphics. Pick one to edit. (We will be using 'Ignite Dark' as an example for this tutorial.

2. Click the SVG image element that you want to change. Its properties will be shown on the right panel.

3. Click on Image Editor.

4. When the Image editor open up, click on the pencil icon.

5. To paint the SVG image you have to click on the range circle and increase the size to cover more parts of the SVG Image.

6. Also, click on the color icon to choose the new color for the SVG Image.

7. Select the image and start painting.

8. When you finished painting, click on Save, to save your changes.

9. Click the SVG image file and adjust the position.

10. Save your project.

That's it. You're done changing the color of the SVG in your Lower Thirds & Combo Elements.

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