The steps below will show you how to make a GIF image with sound into a video project.
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  1. To have GIF with sounds, first upload a song that you'd like to use. Click the highlighted media upload box.

2. Paste the video link
(We use YouTube media in this tutorial) You can also import video directly from your computer.

3. Click Get Media.

4. With your mouse, click and drag the uploaded media, then drop it on the timeline.

4B. Drop.

5. Click the media on the timeline (Animus Volt - Love Like Savages).

6. In this case, we do not want the video, only the audio. So... Turn off the video and leave the rest as is.

7. Now we are going to upload a GIF that goes along with the song.
Click Elements tab.

8. Click Image.

9. Click to delete the content.

10. Visit the Giphy site. Search for the GIF you'd like to use. In this case, we picked a nature GIF.

11. Click Copy link.

12. Copy the GIF Link as highlighted and go back to the editor.

13. Paste the copied GIF URL in image-url-input and press enter.

14. Now we have a GIF with a sound clip.

15. Click Play to preview. That's it. You're done.

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