ADVANCED - Upload From Flickr

In this tutorial you will learn how to import Flickr slideshow into your personalized video project on the SmartVideo editor.

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  1. On your Flickr account, go to your Albums

2. In this example, we already have an album with images. Right-click on the photo to copy the link address which is the Flickr URL.

You can also copy the Flickr URL on the address bar when you click to open the album.

3. On the editor, click Elements.

4. Click Image.

5. Select the kind of image you want to add to Flickr Slideshow.

6. By default, the number of images to be displayed is 3.
In this example, we will leave this as it is.

7. Select Enter a Gallery URL and paste the Flickr URL.

8. The image slideshow is now added to the timeline/canvas. You can see that the 1st image is displayed.

Click the play button to preview the image slideshow.

9. Second image is displayed.

10. Third image is displayed.

11. Click to Save the video project.

12. If you are saving for the 1st time, enter the Title and other information on the popup dialog box, then click Save.

13. Your video project with the Flickr Slideshow is now saved.
That's it. You're done.

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