ADVANCED - Element - "Pop-up"

This tutorial will guide you step by step on how to use the Pop-up element on the SmartVideo editor

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  1. You can use Popup Element to add various annotations and speech bubbles. Click or Drag the Popup Element into your video preview window (in the timeline)

2. Click the BASIC tab.Edit the Popup element basic properties in the Properties Pane to the right.

 3. The Start and End values indicate when the popup you added will start displaying and when will it disappear. The time values are relative to the whole video project. 

4. The Text field is where you enter the text you want to be displayed. 

5. The Link URL Field is optional. Use it to make the text within the popup a hyperlink. Enter the destination URL in the box. Note: Phone number is for users with Connect add-on. 

6. The Open Link In lets you choose whether the event's link URL will open on a new tab or on the current tab

7. The Type field sets the type of popup bubble you want to display.  

8. The Sound check-box enables and disables the popup sound, and Pop Icon let's you choose different kinds of icons for your Popup element. 

9. The Transition field allows you to set the animation used to show the popup when it first appears.  

10. Click ADVANCED tab to edit settings like font, font size, and color. 

11. Preview your video project Adjust the event's properties accordingly using the Play/Pause button. That's it! You're done. 

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