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ADVANCED - Element - "Text Transparent Masking"
ADVANCED - Element - "Text Transparent Masking"
This tutorial will show you how to use the text transparent masking element in your video project on the editor
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  1. The Text Transparent Masking Element allows you to create negative space text. Click Elements, then click Text Transparent Masking 

2. It means the video will be visible through the text while it is playing. This is best used for a video where there is enough contrast and action. 

3. We Recommend you use it to call someone's name out in ALL CAPS or a single word at the largest font possible. 

4. In this demo, click the element on Layer 0 

5. On the BASIC properties tab: You can adjust the START and END duration. 

6. You can change the TEXT of the Element. You can also personalize a text in this area.  

7. You can change the Background (Transparency) of the Element. 

8. You can do further customization in the Advanced properties tab.  

9. You can change the font style. Recommended fonts to use with this Element are: Alfa Slab One, Bevan, Bowlby One SC 

10. Tick the check box to change the Background color of the Element. You can either input the color code or choose from the color palette

11. You can now watch the preview by clicking the Play button. That's it. You're done.

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