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How to send Email campaign using Sendlane ESP
How to send Email campaign using Sendlane ESP
The tutorial will guide you on how to send an email campaign using Sendlane Email service provider
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  1. On the editor, Click Produce >> Produce & Share

2. Click Email Campaign 

3. Click Next 

4. Click Please select your service provider 

5. Be sure that you also select Sendlane from the list of Email Service Providers

6. Copy the Personalized Link 

7. Click Done

 8. On Sendlane, click Campaigns 

9. Click New Campaign 

10. Type in the Campaign name 

11. Type in the Email subject line 

12. You can also select a Personalize Text that you can add in your email subject. Click Personalization 

13. Click First Name 

14. In this example, we have added the Personalized First Name on the Email subject line.  

15. In this example, we will use a simple Email subject line, without personalization. 

16. In this example, we will send the email campaign to a list we've already setup on Sendlane. On Include section, click Add+ 

17. Click First List and click Save

18. Click Next 

19. Choose this template for testing purposes. Click Use Template 

20. Click the button 

21. Type in your desired text for the personalized video button link. 

22. Paste the PersonalizedLink URL copied from Step 6

23. You can also hyperlink an image to your personalized video. Your template must have an image placeholder for this to work. In this example, we will replace this image.

24. Click Replace 

25. Click the highlighted box to select an image 

26. In this example, we have already replaced the image by uploading from the computer. Now, click the image 

27. Paste the PersonalizedLink URL copied from Step 6 

28. Click Send a test email 

29. Enter your email address to test your personalized email with the PersonalizedLink 

30. Click Send 

31. Click Save and continue to schedule the email campaign. That's it. You're done adding the PersonalizedLink using Sendlane. 

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