WordPress - Embed Tutorial
In this tutorial you will learn how to embed your Personalized Video project in WordPress.
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  1. In your WordPress Dashboard, Hover your mouse on Posts and click Add New.

2. Click to add HTML

3. On the editor, Click Email Campaign

4. Change the Embed Location to WordPress and click Next.

5. Be sure to install the WordPress Plugin before proceeding to the next step. Click Here for the tutorial on how to install the plugin.

Copy the embed code. The Purpose of the <iframe> is for the video to be embedded in your post.

6. Paste the embed code in the Text box in your WordPress.

7. Click Publish to save changes and generate the URL respectively

8. Click View Post to preview the post.

Click Copy link to copy the URL of your post and go back to the editor.

9. Paste the URL of the post which you have the Personalized Video then Click Next.

10. Click Please select your service provider to make a selection.

11Select what Email Service Provider you have.

12. Then Copy the PersonalizedLink™ for the Email Service provider and click Done.

14. In this tutorial I changed the firstname_token to Bhadmus. Now you will see that the name in the Video also changes.

That's it you're done embedding the Personalized Video in your WordPress post.

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