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How To Create A Facebook Ad
How To Create A Facebook Ad
Step-By-Step To Promoting A Personalized Video
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Are you looking to create a Facebook ad to promote your personalized video then this tutorial will walk you through it step-by-step.

Let's get your ad up and running 😎

Step 1: After you've created your video and are satisfied with it simply press "Publish & Share"

Step 2: Press "Social Campaign"

Step 3: Select The Facebook Icon

Step 4: Make sure "Post On Social Media" is selected and then hit "Next"

Step 5: Fill in your "Post Title, Post Description, and upload a Post Image to your facebook post. Once satisfied with your post, simply press the "Share" button on the bottom right hand side.

Step 6: A popup will now appear. On the top left hand side select the dropdown and select "Share on a Page You Manage."

Step 7: Select the page you want to add to.

Step 8: Add your text to the top part of the post were it says "Say something about this..."

Step 9: Press on the "Date Posted" section, if you just posted it, it will say "Just Now" If you posted it a while back, it will show a time stamp.

Step 10: In the URL of the page you will see a series of numbers after "posts/" select those numbers and make sure not to copy the "/" or "?"

Step 11: Inside your business manager, after you've started creating your ad. In the Creative section of designing your ad, you will see a section that says "Ad Setup" Press the dropdown and select "Use Existing Post"

Step 12: Paste those numbers you found inside the search bar. Once you pasted those numbers, press the magnifying glass on the right hand side to search.

Step 13: Select the post, and press "Continue"

Step 14: BOOM! You're all set! Finalize your targeting, bidding, etc. and once you are satisfied with your ad, simply press "Publish"

Hope this post was super helpful for you! If it was make sure to hit the πŸ˜€ icon at the bottom of this post.

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