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Can I Download A Personalized Video?
Can I Download A Personalized Video?
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This is a great question!

And if you think about it, how would this even work without rendering 1,000's upon 1,000's of videos, which would:

  1. Be incredibly expensive

  2. Take up a ton of hard drive space

  3. Be extremely slow and time consuming

So instead we use something called "On The Fly Rendering" which allows the personalized video to pull in ANY users data in just a matter of seconds as opposed to days or even weeks of downloading if you had a HUGE list!

In order for us to execute "On The Fly Rendering" there needs to be a data source that pulls the users information in from places such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Email, Websites, Lead Opt-in, etc.

In order to use "On The Fly Rendering" you can just press "Publish & Share after you edit your video.

If you need help publishing, just follow one of the guides based on the editor you are using inside of (Either select the Collective labeled "GO" Easy Editor or "Advanced" Editor... and scroll to the section called "Publish."

Then you'll be able to start personalizing right away! 🤩

But there's some people who MUST download a video for some reason or another, which is understandable. Maybe you want to personalize a video for 1 person, and don't want to use "On The Fly Rendering."

Then follow these steps

  1. First add the persons personal information into the video before hand

  2. Use a free screen recording app like Quicktime or another free application

  3. Select the area of the video to record your screen

  4. Press play

  5. Record your screen

Honestly, this isn't necessary at all and it's way easier to just use "On The Fly Rendering" as it accomplishes the exact same goal, without any of the headaches.

Hope that help! Keep on personalizing!

And I strongly encourage you to just use "On The Fly Rendering" as it's fast, simple, and easy.

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