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Can’t Upload Video Or Stuck in “Processing Video"
Can’t Upload Video Or Stuck in “Processing Video"
If you find that your video won't upload into the editor
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If this happens to you, there is a very simple workaround to resolve that takes almost no time at all.

Follow these steps:

  1. Take the video you're trying to upload

  2. Upload that video to (of course make sure you have the rights to use that video, don't upload a Madonna music video for example)

  3. Mark the video as unlisted (This is on the upload page under privacy settings)

  4. After it's completed uploading, copy the share url

  5. Go back to the editor you were trying to upload the video and add that share link url. Hit "Get Media" to grab the video.

  6. IF YOU'RE USING THE "GO EDITOR" -> Once you add you're video, on the next screen on the bottom right hit the button that says "Niche Script"

  7. Select the script that matches your niche, and click "use"

That' all there is too it 😉 nice and easy! Keep on personalizing!

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