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Gary Vaynerchuck said it best "Marketers Ruin Everything"

Have you ever been on a site, and all of a sudden a video loaded, and your speakers started blaring, you searched and searched but couldn't find it?

Well it's happened to all of us, and thanks to those wonderful websites, they've ruined it for the rest of us.

Google along with most browsers in the most recent updates to their browsers, went and blocked autoplay videos from rendering.

Meaning that's it's not possible unless the user has gone into their settings and manually overwrote this setting.

Which is unlikely.

BUT all is not lost!

Recently as you may have noticed, we added the GIANT "Click Here To Play"

Which you can see here

After extensive testing we haven't seen any drop off in conversion rate from autoplay to using this new overlay.

So not to fear, your conversions are still there!

Keep on personalizing 😍

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