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Personalized Text Showing Differently On Editor Vs. Preview
Personalized Text Showing Differently On Editor Vs. Preview
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This happens when you edit a video due to the length of certain names.

This issue will usually show most if you just add text without using lower thirds, and it's totally normal.

I'll explain why.

When you have 2 different text elements on a video sometimes the text will align differently, based on the tokens you use. Let's use this for example. If the FIRSTNAME token formatted to the center, the name would appear further away from the "Hey" so instead of looking like "Hey John" it would say "Hey John"

See the problem?

So we made the text align to the side of white box where it says FIRSTNAME.

And I know what your thinking...

OK I get it, but how does that cause text alignment issues if I place it by itself?

Well think about it, if "Bob" is watching a video, and then "Babaganoosh" watches the same video, if you keep the text by itself and not inside a sentence or phrase, it's going to show differently.

Take a look

So How Do I Solve This Issue?

Easy! Don't place a personalized token by itself, instead include it inside of the same text, so it always formats correctly.

Take a look!

It's a simple but important edit to always make sure your users see a perfect video.

Hope that makes your life easy πŸ˜€ Keep on personalizing!

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