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SV- Sending Email Campaign using MailChimp Email Service Provider
SV- Sending Email Campaign using MailChimp Email Service Provider

Step by step guide on how to share your personalized video project using MailChimp

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Step 1. We are about to show you how to share your Personalized Campaign via MailChimp. Ensure Allow Facebook/LinkedIn is disabled/unchecked before you proceed.


Step 2. Click Save

Step 3. Now, on the editor, Click Produce on the left side panel.

Step 4. Click Email campaign

Step 5. Leave Embed Location at Send Via AutoResponser and click Next

Step 6. Select MailChimp from the list of Email Service Providers.

Step 7. Double click to copy the link to clipboard

Step 8. On your MailChimp account, click Create Campaign.

Step 9. Click on Email.

Step 10. Type your Campaign Name and click Begin.

Step 11. Fill out the required information.

Step 12. Start with the first field "To", click Add Recipients.

Step 13. Click Choose an audience.

Step 14. Check the Personalize "To" field box to enable personalization. And, click Save.

Step 15. Click Design Email.

Step 16. Select a template according to your preference.

In this demo, we used the highlighted template.

Step 17. Edit your email to add the call-to-action text with the personalized video link.

Step 18. After you have clicked the edit icon you can now edit the content of your email on the right side of the page.

Step 19. Create the text for your PersonalizedLink™. It may be as simple as a 'Click here now' or as long as the example used here.

Highlight your text and click the Link icon.

Step 20. Copy the URL from Step 4 and Paste it in the 'Web Address (URL)' text field and Click Insert.

Step 21. You can also use Images as your PersonalizedLink™.

Click the pencil icon.

Step 22. Click Replace.

Step 23. Choose the Image and then click Upload.

Step 24. Click the uploaded image and image settings will appear on the right side of the screen.

Click the link text to paste the URL of your personalized video.

Step 25. Copy the URL from Step 4 and Paste it in the 'Web Address (URL)' text field and click Insert.

Step 26. Click Save & Close.

Step 27. After you have edited the content of your email, Click Preview and Test and choose to Send a test email.

Step 28. To test your Email campaign with the personalized link, enter the email address and click Send Test.

That's it. You're done adding the PersonalizedLink™ using MailChimp.

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