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SVR/SVE - Use Cases Of Personalized Videos
SVR/SVE - Use Cases Of Personalized Videos
Best use cases of personalized video campaigns
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Here are some of the best use cases for personalized video campaigns. Find the one that works best for you!

Cart Abandonment

When a potential customer enters their information to purchase your product, but gets dragged away from their desk to make a call and forgets to complete their purchase, what do you do? Probably nothing like most businesses. The good news! The personalized video makes it easy to send personalized videos to customers who forgot to check out, sending them back to your checkout page to complete their order. That's money in your pocket!

Invitations To Events

Hosting an open house, having a wedding, or planning to host a speaking event, a well-personalized video makes it easy to invite everyone you want to in one send of an email! At the end of your video make sure to place a call to action that pushes them to reserve their place, and never worry about the tedious manual invites you're used to doing πŸ˜€

User Onboarding

Your customer just purchased, congratulations! Make sure to give them a tour with their own name, to give them as real as an experience as possible with your new platform, and retain your customers!

Thank You Videos

Have you ever had to send out handwritten thank you letters before? Well, I have back in my real estate days, and it took me HOURS to send out 100 handwritten notes. Well now, with personalized video, and one single link, you can say thank you to everyone who attended your event, webinar, party, etc. so they remember you and know you're a genuine company that cares!

Sales Outreach

Reaching out to potential prospects? Stop sending clearly copy & pasted emails, and instead send personalized videos to capture your leads attention and increase your conversions!

Product Promotions

Got a new product or business you're releasing? Send your leads and future prospects a personalized introduction about how it will help them personally.

B2B Marketing

B2B marketing is one of the toughest niches to break into because there is so much noise. Thankfully with a personalized video, you can personally tailor your approach and stand out amongst the crowd.

E-Commerce Personalized Products

Selling E-com products that are personalized such as mugs, t-shirts, bracelets, etc. Then a personalized video is your holy grail allowing the users to see their image & names on their products before they buy it!

Holiday Greetings

Stop sending out generic "Happy Holiday" cards, and instead send out a personalized holiday greeting! Start getting your prospects to respond to you, with holiday outreach.

Birthdays Or Special

Is it your lead or family member's birthday coming up? Let them know you care by building a personalized video that lets them know it's their special day!

Call To Action

Tired of making videos without calls to action? Well inside VideoRemix you can place a clickable call to action inside the video in order to capture leads data and push them to the next step in the sales cycle.

Quiz Results

Do you host quizzes for lead capture or customers? Well, guess what! With personalized video, you can send an email response to the customer letting them know their results. Personalized for every lead customized to them!

Recruitment Videos

As you probably know, recruiting is like sales, constantly trying to recruit the best talent. With personalized video, you can send personalized follow up to your potential recruits about why they should join your company!

Personalized Home Tours

Are you a real estate agent or FSBO? Then personalized your home tour with potential buyers' names and photos to stand out and make potential buyers feel like it's their home that perfect for them.

Thank You Videos

Always forget to send thank you messages to leads, customers, etc. after a call. Well with a personalized video you can set this on autopilot so you never forget again!

And there are so many more I'm probably not even thinking about right now, but the most important thing is... Pick 1 to start and implement to start increasing your conversions!

Enjoy the power of personalized video!

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