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SV - Enabling Facebook/LinkedIn Personalization
SV - Enabling Facebook/LinkedIn Personalization
Are you having personalization issue with your video project? Here is probably why?
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In some cases, you have had issues with Personalization not working on your video project. You probably need to cross this out first. Let's show you how!

Step 1. Click Produce

Step 2. Click Settings

Step 3. Click to enable Facebook personalization.

Step 4. Click to enable LinkedIn personalization.

Step 5. Click Save

Step 6. Click Produce

Step 7. Click Watch the Video to Preview.

Step 8. Click Connect with Facebook. Follow the same steps for LinkedIn.

Step 9. Type in your Facebook login details and Click Log In

Step 10. Click Play

Step 11. Personalization will show. That's it. You're done.

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