SmartVideo Revolution Launch Funnel
List of features for each funnel during launch (Not applicable to users via promotion)
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SVR Front End Main (FE) Features:

  • Personalized Video Editor

  • Aspect Ratio

  • Blending Mode

  • Transitions, Animations

  • Facebook personalization

  • DFY Templates

  • Advanced Optin

SVR One time offer (OTO1) Features:

  • Template Generator

  • Lower Thirds & Combo Element

  • Advanced Analytics

  • Stickers and Emojis/Flags

  • LinkedIn Personalization

  • Call-to-Action (CTA)

  • Audio Tracks

SVR One time offer (OTO2) Features:

  • Webcam Recorder

  • Screen Recorder

  • Audio Recorder

  • Client Folder (Folder Management)

SVR One time offer (OTO3) Features:

  • Email Template Builder & Interactive Email Templates

  • Pexels Stock Images

  • Pexels Stock Footage

  • Unsplash Stock Images

  • Pixabay Stock Footage

  • Pixabay Stock Images

  • Smart Meetings.

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