SV - PersonalizedLink™ using SendinBlue
This tutorial will guide you on how to share your project SendinBlue
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Step 1. We are about to show you how to share your Personalized Campaign via SendinBlue. Ensure Allow Facebook/LinkedIn is disabled/unchecked before you proceed.


Step 2. Now, on the editor, Click Produce on the left side panel.

Step 3. Click Email Campaign

Step 4. Leave the Embed Location at "Send Via AutoResponder" and Click Next

Step 5. Scroll down and click SendinBlue

Step 6. Scroll down and Double click to copy the Personalized link to clipboard

Step 7. Click Save and Close

Step 8. Now in SendinBlue Dashboard, Click Campaigns

Step 9. Click Create an email campaign

Step 10. Input the Campaign Name, Subject Line, Preview Text and other information and Click Next Step

Step 11. Make a choice on how to create the campaign. In this Demo, we selected Template Gallery. Click Next Step

Step 12. We selected the first template.

Step 13. We changed the CTA button text to "Click here to view Personalized Video"

Step 14. Click on the text button to show its properties in the right panel

Step 15. Paste the copied Personalized link from Step 5

Step 16. Click Save & Quit

Step 17. Click Next Step

Step 18. Select your list click Next Step

Step 19. Now your campaign is ready. Click Send a test to send a test email

Step 20. Click Schedule

Step 21. Select Send it now and Click Continue

Step 22. Click Confirm

Step 23. Visit the email inbox where the email is sent, open it, and click on the CTA button. This will open up in the browser. Click to play

Step 24. FirstName Personalization from the list. That's it. You're done.

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