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ClickFunnels personalized video embed tutorial

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Step 1. On the Revolution Editor, Click Produce.

Step 2. Click Email Campaign

Step 3. Change the Embed Location to LeadPages

Step 4. Copy the Embed code and go to ClickFunnels

Step 5. On the ClickFunnels page, Click Add Element

Step 6. With your mouse, click and drag the Video Element, then drop it anywhere you want it on the page

Step 7. In this demo, we dropped it below the "Almost Complete..." text

Step 8. Click the Video Embed placeholder

Step 9. Delete the iframe content

Step 10. Paste the copied embed code from step 4

Step 11. Click save

Step 12. Click Preview

Step 13. The personalized video on the page and that's it. You're done.

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