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SV - How to show your custom domain name in the playback URL
SV - How to show your custom domain name in the playback URL
This guide will show you how to use your domain for the playback URL.
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If you would like to add a Whitelabel feel to your playback URL especially when sending a demo to a client, here is how you go about it: 😎

Step 1. On the Editor, click Produce

Step 2. Click Email campaign

Step 3. Change the Embed Location to Embed & Send (Advanced)

Step 4. Click and copy the Embed code

Step 5. Go to the Page builder/WordPress and add the Video widget/Custom HTML element. In this Demo, we used LeadPages.

Step 6. Click the Video widget to show the Embed box

Step 7. Paste the copied embed code from Step 4 and click Save

Step 8. Click Publish

Step 9. Click Copy Link and go back to the Revolution editor

Step 10. On Revolution editor, Click Next

Step 11. Paste the copied link for Step 9 and click Next

Step 12. Double click to copy the Personalized link to clipboard

Step 13. Open a notepad and paste the copied Personalized link

14. Change the Personalized token value to what you want (We changed FIRSTNAME_token to John)

For Images, you will add the image address URL in front of the image token i.e. IMAGE=https://imageexample.jpg

15. Paste the modified link in the browser address bar and visit. Play the video and see the value passed to the video in Playback.

That's it, you are done! πŸ’ƒ

Give us a smile if this works for you πŸ˜€

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