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SV - Adding Stickers, Labels, Animated Emoji, and Flags
SV - Adding Stickers, Labels, Animated Emoji, and Flags
Adding Stickers tutorial guide
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This tutorial will show you steps to follow to add Stickers, Label, Animated Emoji, and Flags to your personalized video project.

Step 1. On the left side panel, click Elements

Step 2. Click Stickers

Step 3. Scroll through, hover your mouse over your choice and click the (+) icon to add it to the canvas.

PS: These steps applies to Labels, Animated Emoji and Flags as well

Step 4. Click and drag the endpoint to resize.

4b. Drop

Step 5. Resized and made bigger.

Step 6. With your mouse, click and drag to place it anywhere you want on the canvas

6b. Drop

Step 7. The sticker has been re-positioned

Step 8. That's it. You're done.

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