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Adding Connect form to your video project.

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Connect is a feature that allows you to add a phone number to your video project and use it as a CTA and Lead generation tool. Any attempt made by the viewer to call the number will be captured, and their information will be sent to the email you configured it with. You can set this up using Smart text or the Connect form, which are preset templates to make your project stand out. Set it up by following the steps below.

Step 1. On the editor left panel, click Creatives

Step 2. In the Creatives Section go to the Template pack

Step 3: The Template Pack opens up with the Connect form by default.

Step 4: Navigate through and click on your choice. You have two options: Use or Preview. Click Use to add it to your Canvas

Step 5: The Connect Form has now been added to the canvas. Let's proceed by editing the content according to what we want.

Step 6. Click the text element, SALES MANAGER on the timeline to change its content.

Step 7. With your mouse, select text in the text box

Step 8. Replace it with what you want.

Step 9. Select other text elements on the timeline to make changes as you see fit. See steps 6 - 8

Step 10. Let's change JOHN

Step 11. With your mouse, select text in the text box

Step 12. Replace it with what you want. We changed it to GRACE

Step 13. Click the background image on the timeline to replace it if you'd like.

Step 14. Click here to replace the image. You will be able to pick an image from your computer.

Step 15. Repeat the same steps from steps 13–14 to replace the picture image.

Step 16. Scroll down and click "Open Library" to add effects to the image element.

Step 17. Scroll through and click the (+) icon on any of the effects you'd like to use

Step 18. Let's add a Call to action phone number, click Smart Text

Step 19. Add a CTA text, we used "Call Now!"

Step 20. Add the phone number

Step 21. Add an email address for notification.
The lead's information will go to this email address.

Step 22. With your mouse, click and drag Call Now!, CTA to anywhere you want it on the video, then drop it.

Step 23. Click to preview.
That's it. You're done. :)

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