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Sharing your personalized video project to Facebook
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When you are ready to share your project to your Facebook audience, it may be on a Page, Group or even your feed, click the save button and then click Produce button.

Step 2. Click Settings Tab

Step 3. Allow Facebook Personalization by checking the checkbox

Step 4. Click Save to save changes

Step 5. Click Produce

Step 6. Click Social Campaign

Step 7. Click the Facebook button

Step 8. Leave the Embed Location at Post on Social Media and Click Next

Step 9. On the share wizard, Scroll down and click Share

Step 10. Scroll down with your mouse on this page to see publish options.

Step 11. Click Share to News Feed or story

Step 12. Select anywhere you'd like to share the video project to.

In this Demo we used Share on a Page you manage

Step 13. Click to select a page under your Facebook account you would like to share to.

Step 14. Make your choice

Step 15. Add a description if you'd like.

Step 16. Click Post to Facebook

Step 17. Your video project has been successfully shared to Facebook. Click OK

Step 18. The project in the Facebook page feeds. Click the thumbnail to view

That's it. You're done! πŸ˜ƒ

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